Cygnus method

The Cygnus method is a set of rules that includes the basic principles of eight different approaches that I have applied in my engineering career and takes its name from the same constellation.

Each point in the Cygnus method targets different approaches.

Product Mindset

Always be product-oriented. Also, think like the customer as much as you can do, and never ignore the customers’ pain points. Take care to align with your stakeholders.

You have to be data-driven. You have to learn to trust data! This is quite difficult to do, but you can be aware of the data at least.

always ask questions! Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Engineering Perspective

Develop your engineering perspective. Listen carefully to the approaches of different engineers and try to understand their perspectives.

Spend your time listening to others as much as possible.

Test your own ideas in as many different ways and different ways as possible.

always be a part of the solution. not part of the problem!

Reading Habit

Make an effort to gain this habit and ensure its continuity. Focus on reading masterpieces that will change your perspective.

Algorithmic Thinking and Learning

Find ways to improve your algorithmic thinking and learning skills. There is no one size fits all solution for that. First of all, you need to know yourself. There are many platforms where you can solve algorithm questions. Do not hesitate to use these platforms.

Community Contribution

There is a close connection between your improvement and the improvement of the community you live in. You do not have to contribute only to open-source projects to provide this.

You can make presentations within the team. You can write articles on many different platforms. You can use your youtube channel. You can even share any book or article you’ve read on a common channel. If you want to talk at any event; You can start by speaking with your own team.

Collaboration Sessions

You have to get to know your team. You may need to spend as much time as possible with your teammates. The easiest way to do this is used to collaboration sessions. In these sessions, you can talk about your habits or your hobbies apart from technical issues. You can play games with them. Thus, you allow your teammates to get to know you. You cannot be successful without trusting each other! Because success is a phenomenon that you can only achieve if you have a good team.

Apprenticeship & Mentorship

You need to know that you always have to be an apprentice. you can truly understand the essence of learning only in this way. Otherwise, you will be spitting in the wind (no matter how hard you try)

A good apprentice is also a good mentor. Mentoring is the best way to remember what you’ve learned and train others to be better than you. Don’t be ashamed to share your mistakes. You can prevent others from making the same mistakes. You can prevent others from making the same mistakes just by ignoring your shame.

These are all notes I took to myself. None of them is a rule of thumb.



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